Nora Rose Travis


Hello, I’m Nora Rose Travis: creative problem solver, optimist & big thinker. 

I believe in work that resonates, that inspires, that creates a movement, that spurs desire. I believe in work that makes people better. For the people that see it, for the people that make it. I want my teams to feel proud, to feel pushed and challenged. I want my clients to be excited, to trust, to want to make something better, together. I want my audience to feel truth, to feel connected, to have a voice. I believe that good work, makes the world better. That good creative has the power to solve problems.


I want to empower my teams, my brands, my co-workers, my clients. I want the world to ask for more, and I want to figure out how to give it. I want to go home tired, proud and full. I believe is creating better things, in creating no things if nothing is needed. I believe in listening, in understanding and using those insights to create something true. I believe that by doing all of this, and much, much more that magic happens, and I totally believe in magic.



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